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Welcome to the Wall Township Reporter’s Notebook

January 24, 2011

Welcome to Star News Group’s Wall Township Reporter’s Notebook. Here, you will find news, events, updates and more, all revolving around Wall Township.

In 2002, the Office of the Monmouth County Clerk published “Town by Town: Impressions of Monmouth County,” a book filled with the history of Monmouth County’s 53 municipalities. Wall Township Historian Fred Carl contributed the township’s history for the book.

Jamie Biesiada, Star News Group

According to Mr. Carl’s history, the township was created from a portion of Howell Township on March 11, 1851. Howell had previously been part of Shrewsbury Township since 1963.

The majority of the area’s municipalities, including Manasquan and Belmar, were once part of Wall.

The township was named to honor former U.S. Senator Garret Dorset Wall, who died in 1850, according to Mr. Carl.

Today’s Wall Township is much different than it was in 1851. The Historic Village at Allaire provides a glimpse back into the 1840s, but a lot has changed.

Jamie Biesiada, Star News Group

Wall now houses its own airport, the Monmouth Executive Airport on Highway 34. Additionally, the township has an extensive school system, which includes the Primary School, four elementary schools, an intermediate school, and Wall High School.

Wall is governed by the Wall Township Committee, comprised of four committee members and a mayor, chosen annually to run meetings and act ask the spokesperson for the town.

“Perhaps the most significant, but less known historic site in Monmouth County, is Camp Evans,” Mr. Carl wrote. “As a 1914 Marconi Station, Camp Evans was a key link in the first worldwide commercial wireless network, Marconi’s ‘wireless girdle around the earth.'”

Joseph J. Delconzo, Star News Group

Camp Evans was sold to the Signal Corps in 1941, and it grew to become “one of the nation’s premier wartime radar production research and development facilities during World War II,” Mr. Carl wrote.

Project Diana, the 1946 event that ushered in the Space Age, occurred at Camp Evans, as well.

“Camp Evans’  engineers demonstrated and proved that the ionosphere could be pierced and that communication was possible between earth and the universe beyond, opening the possibility of space exploration,” Mr. Carl said.

Camp Evans now houses InfoAge Science/History Learning Center & Museum, of which Mr. Carl is the director.

InfoAge houses a multitude of historic exhibits and museums, open to the public every Sunday.

The history of Wall Township — including its rich farming history — is memorialized in the township’s seal.

Sueanne Goss, Star News Group

  • The three white dogwood blossoms represent the official town tree. The furnace on the seal represents James P. Allaire’s 1822 Howell Works and industrial community.
  • The brick building on the seal is the historic Allgor-Kittell Blacksmith-Wheel Wright Shop, which still exists on New Bedford Road.
  • The radio tower represents the first transoceanic radio signal, which was transmitted in 1913 through a series of towers along the Shark River by Guglielmo Marconi.
  • Finally, the dish antenna on the seal represents a replica of the antenna used in 1946 by the U.S. Signal Corps, located in Wall Township, to bounce the first radar signal off the moon.

For more information on Wall Township, visit the township’s website for both brief and in-depth histories.

Keep checking back here, at the Wall Township Reporter’s Notebook, for regular updates.

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